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  • Mellow Fly-SHT36 PRO V1 Board With 1M Can Cable for Klipper with PT100

Mellow Fly-SHT36 PRO V1 Board With 1M Can Cable for Klipper with PT100


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Mellow Fly-SHT36 PRO V1 Board With 1M Can Cable for Klipper with PT100 Mellow Fly-SHT36 PRO V1 Board ...


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The FLY-SHT36-PRO is a headtool board designed by the FLY team specifically for 3D printer extruder heads. With this tool board, you can replace the complex wiring between the main board and the print head with just four wires, optimizing the layout. The FLY-SHT36-PRO is suitable for 36-step motors and integrates a CAN transceiver, USB port, TMC5160 driver, ADXL345 accelerometer, two controllable fans, and other functional tool boards. This tool board is compatible with Klipper firmware.

Higher Current Capacity: The TMC5160 can handle a higher current than the TMC2209. This means it can drive larger, more powerful motors. This can be particularly useful in 3D printers that are designed to handle larger print volumes or higher-speed operations.

Advanced Features: The TMC5160 comes with more advanced features, such as a larger microstepping interpolator for smoother and quieter operation. It also has an integrated motion controller that can offload computation from the main processor.

Higher Precision: The TMC5160 offers higher precision and accuracy compared to the TMC2209, which can result in better print quality.

Board information refer to this

Product parameters

Compact design with a 6-layer board

Supports CAN bus connection for stable data transmission with minimal delay

Onboard TMC5160 for extruders and ADXL345 accelerometer

Supports PT100 (MAX31865)

Replaceable fan MOS design with a maximum output current of 1A

Supports leveling sensors like BLTOUCH, PL08N, and integrated XY limit switches

Supports 12-24V voltage, 15A current input

Supports switching between 4.7K resistor (for NTC thermistor) or 1.1K resistor (for PT1000)

Upgraded CAN interface with a new connector supporting 15A current, peak 30A

Supports 5/12/24V fan voltage selection

Onboard NTC100k resistor for measuring chamber temperature

Includes power reverse protection

Supports ADXL345’s INT1 connected to MCU for leveling

Enlarged heating rod port with a rated current of 10A

Supports high voltage input limit

Main control is PR2040

MCU: Raspberry Pi rp2040, Dual core ARM Cortex-M0+@133MHz

Supports magnetic encoder (as5047d) for motion analysis in Klipper (currently not supported by Klipper)

Includes a 1-meter CAN connection line to avoid signal loss due to incorrect terminal crimping by users

Installation size: hole spacing 43.84mm, M3 mounting hole diameter


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