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  • BIGTREETECH M8P V2.0 Manta



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The BTT Octopus featuring the ability to run 8 stepper motors makes it perfect for coreXY Printers using 3 or 4 independent motors to drive their Z axis..

Key Features:

  • Uses a 32 bit STM32H723ZET6 ARM Cortex M7 MCU running at 550MHz.
  • The TPS5450 5A power chip supports 12/24V DC input and delivers up to
  • 5A/6A peak for powering a Raspberry Pi.
  • A BOOT button is provided for DFU firmware updates.
  • The thermistor circuit is protected to prevent MCU damage from shorted
  • heated bed and heater cartridge connections.
  • PWM fans support 24/12/5V voltage selection without external transformer
  • module, reducing failure points.
  • The thermistor resistor can select the pull up resistor value through a
  • jumper to support PT1000 without an external module, which is convenient
  • for customers to use for DIY purposes.
  • The MCU firmware can be upgraded through an SD card or through the
  • “make flash” command in Klipper to update the MCU firmware via
  • The BTB connector allows use of CM4, CB1, or other core boards.
  • The onboard TMC driver works in SPI and UART modes, and the onboard
  • DIAG function pin can be used by simply plugging in a jumper.
  • Connectors for filament sensor, auto power off, BLTouch, RGB, I2C, servo,
  • 5V power detection, etc.
  • High performance MOSFETs reduce heating.
  • Replaceable fuses for easy service.
  • 3x 4 pin fan headers usable for water cooling.
  • Proximity switch header supports NPN and PNP (24/12/5V).
  • SPI expansion for accelerometer based resonance compensation.

The B1 core board can be directly mounted on the M8P motherboard.

Board-to-Board Connector

Designed with the same connector as Raspberry Pi, giving you a confident connection with all versions of CM4, and definitely, CB1 or CB1 eMMC. A screw-reinforced installation is available, too.

Compatibility & Extensibility

CAN Bus solution with Manta control boards.Manta control board can be connected to water cooling kit.btt manta is perfectly compatible with HDMI screens.
It could connect to ADXL345 via SPI port.BIQU Microprobe can also be used with Manta Boards.TFT35 SPI is a smaller sceen to choose to make it compatible with Manta boards.
The Manta board mounted with CM4 can work with a camera or monitor.btt manta board can also work with other USB cameras.

•The HDMI, TFT35 SPI, and USB Camera can only work with CB1.
•The CSI/DSI port can only work with CM4.

It shows the M8P V2 interface diagram, which includes RGB, fan, and screen ports.

Functions & Application

It has 32-bit powerful chip to support it.


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Raven3d is literally your one-stop shop for any 3d printing-related needs. The owner is very knowledgeable about the things that you might need for your setup because he also occasionally builds printers for customers and you can also ask him if you want a finished printer. Shipping is also very fast. I am extremely happy with their service. Don't hesitate to buy from them especially if you're in Australia of course. Which I am not but still I buy my parts from them. 😉

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